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The Luminous Fountain

The Fontana Luminosa stands in piazza Battaglione degli Alpini with the Gran Sasso in the background. The fountain is a sculpture composed of two female bodies of women made of bronze, who are holding the typical Abruzzese cauldron from which a jet of water flows . The fountain is placed on a basin with a circular plan, raised from the street level by white steps over two sides by large spheres. The fountain is located at the beginning of Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the ideal gateway to the city centre. Its function as owner is accentuated by the twin buildings at the beginning of the course, Palazzo dei Combattenti and Palazzo Leone, facing the fountain itself. The monument is a work by the sculptor Nicola D’Antino (Caramanico Terme, 1880– Rome, 1966), the same as the Fontana Vecchia in Piazza Duomo, in the 1930s. The fountain gets its name due to the game of lights and colours during the night hours. The lights of the fountain are also modified for reasons related to public occasions such as national holidays, public and sporting events such as the Giro d’Italia, awareness campaigns such as the fight against cancer, etc… In winter the fountain acquires its maximum charm when the water poured from the basin freezes, transforming the sculpture. The Fontana Luminosa is one of the ideal meeting points and reference points of the city of L’Aquila. Before the construction of the Lorenzo Natali Bus Terminal, Fontana Luminosa square was the bus stop for buses coming from other cities. . Now there is a tourist information 0ffice (Infopoint) which is also located in in the square near the fountain (piazza Battaglione degli Alpini).


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