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Duomo Square

Piazza Duomo is located in the centre of the city and has historically been the meeting place of the citizens of L’Aquila. Rectangular in shape, the square is 140 meters long. From 1300 until April 2009 (date of the earthquake) it was the location of the daily market (today moved to Piazza d’Armi) and is still today home to numerous events, markets and meeting opportunities. There are two important churches and two twin fountains in the square : the Cathedral of Saints Maximus and George (Duomo) and the Church of Santa Maria del Suffragio (called Church of the Holy Souls), The Old Fountain. The Cathedral which was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 1703 was rebuilt in 1800 by Giovambattista Benedetti . At present, the Cathedral is closed and it is not possible to visit it because of the damage caused by the 2009 earthquake. The Church of the Holy Souls (Anime Sante) was completely destroyed by the earthquake of 1703 causing numerous deaths. It was severely damaged by the earthquake of 2009 with the collapse of the dome, which has been restored. The concave late-baroque façade, made of white stone from Pioggia Picenze (AQ), is the work of the architect Lorenzo Bucci from Pescocostanzo. The dome, added in 1800, is by the architect Giuseppe Valadier. The pair of old fountains represented in the majority of photos and postcards of L’Aquila, are placed at opposite ends of the square. The travertine pools originated in 1300 and had the function of providing water to the market. In the 1930s the sculptor Nicola D’Antino enriched the pools with two male figures made of bronze. Together with the Luminous Fountain, the three works of D’Antino give the city an Art Nouveau feel. Around the square there are numerous cafes, restaurants and ice cream shops which are very popular both during the day and in the evening.


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